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Chris Laws

Teaching Professor
Chris Laws

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PAB B349


My primary interest is working with students – both in and out of the Astronomy major – to get all they can from their time here at the University. I dedicate most of my working hours to developing the courses I teach, and to mentoring those students who wish to extend the reach of their education beyond the classroom. I also directly investigate ways of improving the experiences of undergraduates in Astronomy, and have led the development in recent years of University-sponsored Learning Goals for our undergraduates, along with metrics to assess the department’s performance in helping students to meet those goals. Finally, I’m an adjunct member of a number of active observational research programs, focused primarily (but not exclusively!) on studies of extrasolar planetary systems. These include the MARVELS planet-search survey, the APOSTLE transit monitoring program, and a host of other projects I’m associated with in my role as Assistant Director of MRO.