Voicing Concerns

The Astronomy Department aspires to create a community that is welcoming to people of all cultures, races, sexes, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, ages, religions, and economic statuses. We recognize that different situations call for different types of support: you might be looking for a listening partner, or advice, or action. 

Recall that the Husky Prevention and Response course is required for all department employees. For those that need a refresher, please review the navigating conflict document. While not an official policy, this roadmap outlines both departmental and non-departmental resources for communicating concerns — for complainants (as students, faculty, or staff) and for respondents (as faculty, or staff).

Have a suggestion or a solution? We want to hear it! You can email any faculty or staff member, or send an email to uwastro@uw.edu and/or astrochr@uw.edu. Ideally, department members would be providing a simple, straightforward suggestion that does not require immediate action. Please note that these emails are not reporting tools for violations of the UW codes of conduct or methods for filing a grievance. For larger, more urgent issues, please follow the processes outlined in the document.