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Astronomy Colloquia occur every Thursday at 3:30pm in the Physics and Astronomy Auditorium (PAA 102), barring holidays. Graduate students can nominate a colloquium speaker during Spring quarter. Speakers are invited to meet with graduate students for a casual dinner on the day of the colloquium, typically around 5pm.

Winter 2022 Series

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 20th Rachel Osten
Space Telescope Science Institute
A New Year, A New Decadal, and You
Jan. 27th Dong Lai
Cornell University
Hot Jupiters and Super-Earths: Spin-Orbit Puzzles in Exoplanetary Systems
Feb. 3rd Andreja Gomboc
Tidal disruptions of stars - from simulations to observations with Rubin Observatory LSST
Feb. 10th Matija Cuk
SETI Institute
Have we figured out how the Moon formed yet?
Feb. 17th Matteo Cantiello
Flatiron Institute
The new era of stellar physics (Virtual)
Feb. 24th Rebecca Phillipson
The Topology of Chaos: A Nonlinear Perspective on Accreting Compact Objects
Mar. 3rd Eric Bellm, Melissa Graham, Mario Juric, Meredith Rawls
LSST Panel (Virtual)
Mar. 10th John Wisniewski
University of Oklahoma
Using High Precision Photometry to Constrain Stellar Activity

Spring 2022 Series

Date Speaker Title
Mar. 31st Aren Heinze 
ATLAS in Wonderland: Adventures with Variable Stars
Apr. 7th Simone Ferraro
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Cosmic shadows and cosmic structures: the CMB as a Large-Scale Structure experiment
Apr. 14th Vikki Meadows, Rory Barnes, Eric Agol UW Astrobiology Panel
Apr. 21st Adam Kowalski
University of Colorado, Boulder
Solar Flare Observations and Model Predictions for the Next Solar Magnetic Activity Maximum (Virtual)
Apr. 28th Ben Williams, Sarah Tuttle
Apache Point Observatory Panel
May 5th Matthew McQuinn, Miguel Morales
Cosmology / Dark Universe Science Center Panel
May 19th Betsey Adams
Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy
The neutral hydrogen view of dwarf galaxies: the baryonic Tully-Fisher relation
May 26th Cecilia Garraffo
Harvard University
June 2nd Beth Willman
National Optical–Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory

NOIRLab's Role in a Bold Future for Astrophysics

Fall 2022 Series

Date Speaker Title
Oct. 6th Lauren Corlies
Creating for Your Audience & the Rubin EPO Program
Oct. 13th Neal Dalal
Perimeter Institute
Galaxies in the axiverse
Oct. 20th Cecelia Garraffo
CFA, Harvard University
Stellar High-Energy Radiation and its Effects on Exoplanets
Oct. 27th Sarah Greenstreet
UW, DiRAC Institute
Constraining planet formation using craters on Pluto and Charon
Nov. 3rd Gongjie Li
Georgia Tech
Dynamical Origin and Habitability of Planets — On the Spin-Axis Variations of Planets
Nov. 10th Sean Matt
University of Exeter
Developing a Standard Model for the Rotation and Magnetic Activity of Sun-Like Star
Nov. 17th Brett Morris
University of Bern, Switzerland
A Kepler Meddler and the Matter of Scatter
Nov. 24th Holiday
Dec. 1st Russell Deitrick
University of Bern, Switzerland
Climate modeling fundamentals from the perspective of the THOR general circulation model