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Special Notice: Husky Giving Day is Thursday 4/6!

The Astronomy Department will be taking part in Husky Giving Day, an annual philanthropy event at the University of Washington! We are trying to raise funds to support research programs for our undergraduate and graduate students. Watch the video and learn why engaging early in the research in a students career can have a profound impact on their career. Join us on April 6th – our Husky Giving Day Page is here!

The focus and direction of the Department’s activities is in an exciting state of change. With your support we grow stronger and move forward into exciting new opportunities over the next decade. The Astronomy Department relies on private gifts as well as research grants to meet our programmatic and strategic objectives. Private gifts are the way in which we remake our programs and provide our students with opportunities that state teaching funds and federal research grants will not support.

Our needs for support are organized into various funds below. Please browse through them in order to get a sense of our activities and overall needs. Although we describe programs of immediate interest to us, some donors will wish to support creative new initiatives not shown here. Please contact us to explore new types of funding opportunities.