The Astronomy Room & Resource Reservation System allows Astronomy students, faculty, and staff to reserve spaces in the department for meetings, visitors, and instructional purposes, as well as equipment such as laptops, OWLS, projectors, and chargers. Reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance whenever possible, to allow for review by the business office.

View our available rooms, and instructions for equipment reservations below.

Booking System Instructions:

  • Choose from the available resources on the drop-down menu. You can see details on these items (e.g. room capacity, charger specifications, etc.) via the "Resources" tab.
  • To see the availability of an item/room for a specific time period, select the "Day", "Week", or  "Month" calendar views.
  • When you're ready to make a reservation, simply click on the starting time/date field where you'd like to place a reservation.
  • Complete your reservation request by filling the details on the booking screen and clicking "Save".
  • You will receive an email notification when you submit a request to reserve a room. Approved requests will receive a confirmation email. 

Room Reservation Policy

We have collaboration spaces in the department available for use by Astronomy faculty, staff, students, and visitors. These spaces may be reserved for conducting department or university business. Conference rooms are available between 8am - 5pm every weekday, except for UW holidays.

Undergraduate students who would like to reserve a space must have a faculty or staff sponsor listed on the reservation request who will be responsible for the reservation. This information should go into the “Comments for Admins” box.

In the case of time conflicts

Although these situations don’t arise often, sometimes a major department activity needs a spot, and we may need to bump your meeting. In the rare case of conflict, we prioritize meetings as follows:

  1. Administrative departmental meetings and events
  2. Curriculum and instruction, including TA office hours
  3. Faculty-led meetings and events related to sponsored research (i.e., research collaborations, research events)
  4. Student-run group meetings or events

Please reserve the smallest room adequate to fit your space needs. 

Please be courteous to others and make sure to leave the room you reserved in good condition when you have finished your reservation. This includes throwing away all trash, cleaning and wiping down all tables and white boards, raising blinds and closing windows, returning furniture to its original arrangement, and turning off all equipment and lights.

Available Rooms

  Astronomy Rooms Physics/Astronomy Classrooms Physics/Astronomy Lecture Rooms
Room Number Conference Rooms:
Instruction Rooms:
A102 (Auditorium)
Visitor Offices:
B347 (2 desks)
B349 (2 desks)
C322 (priority for colloquium speakers)
How to Reserve Astronomy Room & Resource Reservation System UW Event Services
Will require a fee and budget (worktag) number.
Contact or


Astronomy Equipment Reservations

All equipment can be checked out for classroom and research purposes for up to 24 hours by Astronomy faculty, staff, and majors. Longer reservation times may be granted depending on equipment demand. To request a longer reservation, email

Equipment must be returned by the end of the reservation end time, with all components. If the office is closed, please notify the office when you will be returning the equipment via email. 

If equipment is damaged, please notify