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People - Staff

Fiscal Specialist
Payroll Coordinator / 206-543-6287
Office Hours: In Office: Tues, Thursday, Friday 8-4:30 Telework: Monday, Wednesday 8-4:30
PAB C319
Adriana Gomez-Buckley profile photo
Program Assistant / 206-685-2155
Office Hours: In Office Tues/Weds/Thurs 9am-3pm; Telework Mon/Fri 9am-2pm
PAB C321
Program Operations Specialist LSST/DiRAC
Selfie of Jessica Ness, a white woman with blonde hair pulled into a bun on top of her head. She is wearing a black and white top and a KN95 mask over her smiling face.
Budget/Fiscal Analyst Lead / 206-543-1453
Office Hours: In Office: Tues, Wed, Thur 8-4 Telework Mon 8-4 Fri 7-3
PAB C335
Academic Counselor
Office Hours: In Office: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 8-5; Telework: Wed 8-5
Manager Of Program Operations ARC Business Office / 206-616-0035
Academic Counselor - Senior /
Office Hours:
Portrait of Midori
Program Assistant
Office Hours: In Office: M/Th 12am-5pm, W 10am-2:30pm / Telework: T 9am-12pm, F 9am-1pm
PAB C319
Budget/Fiscal Analyst Lead ARC Business Office
A close up headshot of Tyneshia Valdez wearing glasses, a grey and green shirt. She has long black hair and brown skin.
Human Resources Manager / 206-685-2150
Office Hours: In Office: M, W, TH 8am - 4pm / Telework: Tue, Fri 8am - 5pm
PAB C337
Program Operations Specialist Astrobiology