Binh Nguyen (they/them)

Graduate Student
Binh standing with their arm on a large telescope.

Contact Information

PAB B345


B.A., Linguistics, University of Arizona, 2023
B.S., Astronomy, University of Arizona, 2023

I am interested in cosmology and galaxy evolution. My past projects include studying the dark matter distribution and kinematics of simulated ultra-faint dwarf galaxies (UFDs), as well as tracking the contributions of disrupted satellite galaxies to the stellar halos of Milky Way-mass galaxies in the FOGGIE simulations. Now I am working with Dr. Arianna Long to analyze the tiny neighbors around some of the high-redshift quenched galaxies that only recently became resolvable thanks to JWST.

Outside of astronomy, I am a published poet, novelist and translator. My poetry has been featured in journals like Puerto del Sol, The Common and Euphony. My translation of the medieval Vietnamese verse novel The Tale of Kiều is slated for publication at the London-based independent publisher Major Books. I am currently working on the first-ever Vietnamese translation of the Aeneid. Last but not least, I am a contributor to the Vietnamese-language magazine Tia Sáng, where I write science communication articles on astronomy topics.