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Debby Tran, Eric Agol, and Mario Juric speaking to students at the UW Astronomy table at the AAS conference. A Recap: American Astronomical Society 241st Meeting in Seattle March 15, 2023
A color rendition of NGC 6302, the Butterfly Nebula, created from black-and-white exposures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2019 and 2020. How did the Butterfly Nebula get its wings? It’s complicated February 14, 2023
Headshots from Left to right of: Renee Ludlam, Shouleh Nikzad, Linda Shore, Henny J.G.L.M. Lamers, and Emily M. Levesque. AAS Names Recipients of 2023 Awards & Prizes February 2, 2023
The star Gaia17bpp, circled in red, as shown by the Pan-STARRS1 and DSS missions. Unusually brightening star captures attention as a stellar oddity January 10, 2023
Composite HST image of Triangulum galaxy compared to distributions of old and young stars. Old and new stars paint very different pictures of the Triangulum galaxy January 10, 2023
An artistic rending of the star Gaia17bpp being partially eclipsed by the dust cloud surrounding a smaller companion star. The seven-year photobomb: Distant star’s dimming was likely a ‘dusty’ companion getting in the way, astronomers say January 9, 2023
From Artemis to Webb, take a look back - and a look ahead - at the year's top trends in aerospace January 2, 2023
The military is about to launch a constellation January 2, 2023
JWST images comparing the distribution of hot gas and molecular outflows from the central stars in ehe Southern Ring Nebula JWST shows how several stars "stirred up" the Southern Ring Nebula December 8, 2022
James Davenport (standing), associate director of the DiRAC Institute, meeting with the 2022 DiRAC Summer Research Prize recipients. Big Data in the Night Sky December 1, 2022
Big Data in the Night Sky November 30, 2022
Satellite Constellations Are an Existential Threat for Astronomy November 7, 2022
Satellite constellations are an existential threat for astronomy November 6, 2022
Meteor lights up night sky in Pacific Northwest October 13, 2022
near earth orbit satellites in DECam field of view Lots of junk is floating in outer space. How can we clean it up? September 21, 2022
Lots of junk is floating in outer space — how can we clean it up? September 20, 2022
Some dying stars could have hidden conspirators shaping their afterlife August 28, 2022
Webb's First Deep Field UW astronomer: NASA's new telescope shows clearest images of other galaxies to date July 17, 2022
Quotation of the Day: A stunning new peek into the ancient cosmos July 12, 2022
Biden and NASA unveil James Webb Space Telescope's first image July 11, 2022
James Bardeen, an expert on unraveling Einstein's equations, dies at 83 July 4, 2022
William Herschel is famous for science ? what about his music? June 26, 2022
How 'Big Data' could help SETI scientists focus the search for aliens June 22, 2022
Planet Nine: The answer to this cosmic mystery may come sooner than you think June 16, 2022
discovered asteroid trajectories with Earth in the foreground Saving Earth from killer asteroids June 2, 2022