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Satellite Constellations Are an Existential Threat for Astronomy November 7, 2022
near earth orbit satellites in DECam field of view Lots of junk is floating in outer space. How can we clean it up? September 21, 2022
Some dying stars could have hidden conspirators shaping their afterlife August 28, 2022
Webb's First Deep Field UW astronomer: NASA's new telescope shows clearest images of other galaxies to date July 17, 2022
Quotation of the Day: A stunning new peek into the ancient cosmos July 12, 2022
Biden and NASA unveil James Webb Space Telescope's first image July 11, 2022
James Bardeen, an expert on unraveling Einstein's equations, dies at 83 July 4, 2022
William Herschel is famous for science ? what about his music? June 26, 2022
How 'Big Data' could help SETI scientists focus the search for aliens June 22, 2022
Planet Nine: The answer to this cosmic mystery may come sooner than you think June 16, 2022
discovered asteroid trajectories with Earth in the foreground Saving Earth from killer asteroids June 2, 2022
Overhead view of trajectories of solar system asteroids discovered by B612 institute UW-developed, cloud-based astrodynamics platform to discover and track asteroids May 30, 2022
Julie Lutz Remembering Professor Julie Lutz May 27, 2022
Where and how to make the most of the Eta Aquarids meteor shower, peaking May 4 to 5 April 28, 2022
Astronomers make an Earth Day plea to rein in satellite constellations for the environment’s sake April 21, 2022
Emily Levesque Prof. Emily Levesque receives Guggenheim Fellowship April 14, 2022
Women Are Creating a New Culture for Astronomy March 31, 2022
"The Pack is Back" and "Together we Will" banners on wall New Huskies 2022 Arts and Sciences Events March 1, 2022
SpaceX’s Starlink Satellites Are Photobombing Astronomy Images, Study Says February 4, 2022
AAS fellows pin Professor Vikki Meadows Named AAS Fellow January 25, 2022
Vera C Rubin Observatory logo Professor Željko Ivezić to Lead Rubin Observatory Project January 25, 2022
UW Astronomy Professor to Lead Rubin Observatory Project January 23, 2022
Get an inside look at what it's like to be an astronomer January 4, 2022
Welcome New Chair Professor Thomas Quinn October 25, 2021
Superflares may be less harmful to exoplanets than previously thought, study shows August 11, 2021