Reaching for the Stars — and Exoplanets

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Lupita Tovar will join the UW Astronomy graduate program in the fall.

The College of Arts and Sciences recently featured Lupita Tovar, a UW undergraduate, Pre-MAP alum, and incoming Astronomy & Astrobiology graduate student. See an excerpt of the Perspectives Newsletter below, and read the full article here.

Lupita Tovar’s life hasn’t gone as planned.

The first in her extended family to finish high school, Tovar never expected to go on to a four-year college. She never imagined majoring in astronomy and physics, participating in research, presenting at conferences, or being published in academic journals. She assumed study abroad was for other students. Being honored as one of the Husky 100 and accepted to PhD programs? Unthinkable.

Yet as a UW undergraduate, Tovar has done all those things and more. After graduation, she will continue at the UW as a PhD student in astronomy and astrobiology.

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