IT Support


The department has three (3) laser printers available for work-related purposes: Artemis (b/w; N-Body Shop), c321-bw (b/w; C321), and expensive-2 (color; C321). All printers are available from our local workstations.

If you have a UW NetID, you can access PACS Astro Printing for the printer details and driver information to install the printers on your laptop. Make sure you are logged on with your NetID. If you are a visiting scholar, please email PACS ( for instructions on installing a PAB printer on your computer.

Physics and Astronomy Computing Services group (PACS)

For the quickest response to IT issues, email PACS ( for hardware and software support. When opening a help ticket, provide as much of the following as possible:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Location (Office Number / Lab)
  • Contact Info (Email and Phone)
  • Your Computer Name (if you know it)
  • Description of the Problem (including Operating System, if you know it)

Other Options


For Astro and Physics self help. If you are logged into your browser with a personal Google account, you will be unable to access the PACS wiki. Make sure you are logged on with your NetID; you may have to start a browser in 'incognito / inPrivate' mode.

UW-IT Connect

For self help with NetID, software, network management, webpage hosting, and more. If you require additional aid, you can send an online form to, chat with, or email UW-IT (help@uw.eduwith questions.

Computer Vet

For help with software problems on personal computers, such as operating system updates and virus protection.