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People - Department Faculty

Barnes Rory
Associate Professor / 206-543-8979
PAB B376
Andy Connolly
Professor / 206-543-9541 / Website
PAB B355
Professor James Davenport
Research Assistant Professor / Website
Accepting new graduate students
Astrobiology, Software, Algorithms, & Data Science, Stars, Time Domain Astronomy
Oliver Fraser
Assistant Teaching Professor
PAB C324
Mario Juric
Associate Professor
Senior Data Science Fellow / Website
PAB C320
Ana Larson
Teaching Professor Emeritus / 206-685-7856
PAB C335
Chris Laws
Teaching Professor / 206-221-7949
PAB B349
Associate Teaching Professor / 206-616-2959
PAB C338
Professor Emeritus, joint with History of Science / 206-543-7773
Jessica Werk
Associate Professor / 206-543-0777
PAB B374
Research Associate Professor / 206-543-9849
PAB C313
Galaxies, Stars